Safe Play is the Kidspace Way!

Kidspaces’ mission is to “nurture the potential of all children through kid-driven experiences, inspiring them to become joyful, active learners.” Within our mission statement, safety may not be the first or the 2nd thing that comes to mind, but for a Kidspace employee, safety goes hand in hand with our mission. In order for your child to be “nurtured” and encouraged to have “kid-driven experiences” and be “active learners,” we at Kidspace must think and practice safety at all times. Here are a few ways Kidspace and parents can work together and practice safety, so our young guests will have the freedom to explore, create, and learn.


We require all guests to wear shoes at all times throughout our museum to prevent injuries. In some of the areas, like our Arroyo Stream, this may prove to be difficult. We understand that with water play, many children prefer to kick off their shoes and to go barefoot. However, we advise all guests to keep their shoes on as our Arroyo stream has a rocky bottom which can lead to stubbed toes, slippery surfaces, and abrasions. *Parents: We suggest that you bring a 2nd pair of shoes as well as a change of clothes and towel, as your little one will most likely get wet! Let’s not forget about hot days! As the sun shines brilliantly, the concrete ground will become hot to the touch, so unprotected feet may get burned.


What if you were following all the safety rules, a Kidspace Superstar, but you or your child had an accident? Some things happen and that is why they are called “accidents.” Kidspace prides itself on remaining current on all First Aid information and supplies. We have first aid kits in all exhibit areas for the occasional “ouchy.” Did you get a bit more than an “ouchy?” Then visit our Main Office for even more First Aid supplies and tools. Kidspace staff is a support for parents and guardians to provide safety and care to their children.


We encourage all Kidspace guests to explore and interact with our space while always keeping in mind safety. We, together, can help fulfill our Kidspace mission and provide a positive experience for you and your family.



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