Play is Fun and Good for You!


Here at Kidspace, it’s no secret that we LOVE to play. Play is fun. But what if I told you that it’s also really good for you?


Play is so important to human development that the United Nations declared play a human right over 30 years ago. As over-scheduling, rigorous academic standards that often begin before a child even enters pre-school, lack of safe spaces to play, and income disparities increase, pediatricians in the United States are increasingly writing their young patients “prescriptions” for play.


Play encompasses the needs of the whole child. Play brings together physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development, and helps children learn to test their knowledge and ideas from infancy. For example, that toy you’ve attached to the handle on your baby’s car seat. This simple toy is building hand-eye coordination, developing muscle memory, providing cause and effect learning as the baby moves it in different directions, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


When you visit Kidspace, you can discover similar opportunities all throughout our campus. Take our Splash Dance Fountains in the Central Courtyard. Do they look like random blobs of water jumping out of the ground? Sure. But they’re so much more. As kids joyfully engage with the exhibit, they try to catch the water, track the water splashes, and anticipate where the next burst of water will come from – kids stand still and let the water splash them or they jump out of the way. What’s really happening? Sensory experimentation is taking place, mathematical rhythms and patterns emerge from the water movement, and physical agility is being developed, along with good old fashioned exploration.


Play is FUN. But play is also one of the most important components of healthy child development. Here’s some information about the American Association of Pediatrics’ Prescription for Play.


We hope to see you here at Kidspace exploring and splashing, and remember – you can always help us continue to bring our quality exhibits and programming to the community by supporting Kidspace.



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