City Nature Challenge

Hi everyone!

Kidspace is excited to announce that we are participating this year in the City Nature Challenge (CNC), this will be our 2nd year being a part of this cool project in collaboration with the Natural History Museum and California Academy of Science.

What is the City Nature Challenge? It is a community event that challenges cities to observe and document wildlife in urban settings. By doing this, scientists and cities can better protect and coexist with the environment around us.

Are you ready to become a citizen scientist?

To participate is easy. Observe local wildlife during April 24-27. Upload it to the I-Naturalist app. And the community will help id your finds April 28-May 2.

Not familiar with the I-Naturalist app. Here are some very comprehensive instructions for how to use it on multiple devices.

This year poses some challenges as we shelter at home. I found these suggestions helpful about how to observe wildlife during quarantine. Here is another useful link.

I have been enjoying my daily walks and can’t wait to be participating in the CNC while I’m walking. You can find me on I-Nat under natureexchange. Check out the wildlife I’m observing.

Be sure to follow along with us as we explore with City Nature Challenge and Nature Week! Visit our event page for more information.

Happy Observing!


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