Active Play- Part 3

When children explore the Kidspace campus, they can find a variety of spaces designed to let them climb, splash, and build. These experiences are all examples of active play and are important in the development of fine and gross motor skills.


Fine motor skills involve the coordination of small muscles like moving ones hands and fingers with their eyes. Gross motor skills typically require the use of large muscles for whole body movement to perform functions like walking, jumping, and sitting upright. Together, fine and gross motor skills play a critical role in how children explore and learn about their world.


Throughout Kidspace, there are both indoor and outdoor spaces that allow children to get active and play! At our Trikes Track, children can pedal tricycles along a winding track, which helps them develop gross motor proficiency. Our Climbing Towers activate a child’s whole body by getting them to climb to great heights and test their bravery.


Active play incorporates physical movement and exercise that can strengthen our bodies and enhance learning. When children are physically engaged, their minds have the capacity to be more activated, which can lead to increased problem solving and creativity.


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