2019 NEA Installation


Kidspace Children’s Museum was one of four children’s museums in the nation to receive a 2018 ArtWorks grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Viviana Palacio and Keith Patterson of Cloud Formation Lab were selected from several local artists that applied to be selected for the Artist-in-Residence program at the museum. Viviana and Keith are creating a new, interactive installation on the museum’s campus and have been running a series of workshops throughout the year as part of this grant funded program. The workshop projects have celebrated the rich history of the museum’s surrounding area and expose early learners to art and its connection to the community. The installation unveiling will take place on Friday, July 19 beginning with a short program at 11:00 a.m.


“The artist-in-residence program made it possible for us to turn the idea of working with artists on a long-term basis into a reality through the National Endowment for the Arts ArtWorks Program,” said Kidspace Chief Officer of Learning Environments, Lauren Kaye. “It has been a wonderful experience to have the Cloud Formation Lab artists here facilitating workshops with our guests and envisioning a work of art which fits seamlessly into our existing environment.”


The artists have been on campus every Thursday to interact with museum guests and hosted monthly workshops at the Free Family Night arts and culture series. Each artist-in-residence workshop mimicked the specific Free Family Night theme. For instance, May’s Free Family Night focused on discovering painting, which was also reflected through the art process in the workshop.


The installation project, the Theater of Birds, revolves around the study of bird life of the Arroyo Seco. Construction of the installation began in January 2019 and for the first half of the year, worked as an open frame and container for experiences, actions, and experiments. The artists have been hosting visits, workshops, and actions at Kidspace since early October 2018. Activities have explored the four phases of bird life: birth, growth, movement, and migration. The interactive installation, now in its final phase, is envisioned as an upside-down nest from which a puzzle of feathered creatures has emerged. The installation unveiling will take place on Friday, July 19 with an interactive sound experiment. The Theater of Birds will live as a permanent outdoor learning environment where nature can be explored and stories can be imagined.



Kidspace Children’s Museum is located at 480 N. Arroyo Blvd., in Brookside Park, Pasadena, CA on 3.5 acres of both indoor and outdoor, interactive environments. The museum features over 40 hands-on exhibits with daily programs and monthly events for children ages 1 to 10. The mission of Kidspace is to nurture the potential of all children through kid-driven experiences, inspiring them to become joyful, active learners. Admission is $14 for adults and children. Free for children under one year. For more information, visit kidspacemuseum.org.



The artist collective Cloud Formation Lab is composed of the duo Viviana Palacio and Keith Patterson. Their collaborative projects play with the sense of place, by reflecting upon the history or experience of a site, and inviting viewers to re-imagine their experiences in relation to each other and their surroundings. For more information, visit cargocollective.com/cloudformlab.


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