Ronald McDonald House Halloween Party

Group from Ronald McDonald House at Halloween

Kidspace Supports Children with Medical Needs

Ronald McDonald House (RMH) provides a home-away-from-home for families with critically ill children, allowing them to focus on their child’s health. Kidspace Museum supports RMH by providing opportunities for enriched play and family time. This fall we invited families from RMH Pasadena to a private Halloween party, offering a chance to step away from medical appointments and simply enjoy being kids. 

Families with critically ill children face unique obstacles. Ronald McDonald House helps overcome these obstacles for families by keeping them close to one another, their doctors and needed medical care. RMH Pasadena offers a warm and inviting home next to Huntington Hospital to allow a family to focus on the health of their child—not where they can afford to stay, where they will get their next meal, or where they will lay their head at night to rest. 

Kidspace is committed to supporting the mission of RMH to improve the health and well-being of children and their families. We do this by providing opportunities for enriched play and family time for those facing these incredible challenges. 

“We believe that the power of play in a child’s life fuels the growth of healthy brains and bodies,” said Lisa Clements, Kidspace CEO. “This is especially important for children facing medical challenges. We want to provide a space for these kids to step away from their diagnoses, treatments, and appointments and just focus on being kids. We are so grateful for the incredible work of Ronald McDonald House Pasadena, and we want to come alongside and support their families, in every way that we can.” 

We invited the families from the RMH Pasadena to enjoy a private Halloween party at Kidspace. Volunteers from the Kidspace Circle of Friends transformed the Celebration Center into an unbelievably elaborate Halloween party complete with spooky decorations, Halloween-themed snacks, and goodie bags stuffed full of Halloween treats and toys.   

“The families of Ronald McDonald House Pasadena were so excited to spend an afternoon away from hospitals and doctor’s appointments,” said Mara Leong-Maguinez, Executive Director, RMH Pasadena. “Kidspace and the Circle of Friends made them feel incredibly special with a fully decorated Halloween party just for them.” 

The staff and families from the RMH also explored Kidspace and enjoyed the Happy Halloween happenings. They met a snake up close, cruised the Trike Track, some in wheelchairs or on our accessible trikes, enjoyed the silly farm-to-table experience at Muddy Boot Farm, and decorated pumpkins to take back to the house. 

“Families with sick children often miss out on the fun of holidays and special occasions, and don’t often get the chance to explore all that Pasadena has to offer,” said Leong-Maguinez. “They loved getting to visit a wonderful new place, the tiny pumpkins to decorate, the very cute Halloween-themed snacks, and the chance to spend an afternoon just being kids.” 

Families with children who have medical needs and hospitalizations face numerous challenges including simply enjoying family outings during Halloween and the holidays. Kidspace is committed to supporting these families by creating opportunities for respite and play to make meaningful memories together despite the obstacles they face. 

Volunteers at Halloween

Volnuteers from Kidspace Circle of Friends decorating for the RMH Halloween Party

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