A Giant Birthday Party for Siblings in Foster Care

Birthday Palooza: Superpower Party!

On Saturday, May 6, it was everyone’s birthday at Kidspace! A collaborative of non-profit organizations threw an epic birthday party to reunite children who have been separated from their siblings due to their foster care placement.

Children with giant birthday cupcake

Super party for super kids!

Kidspace, Foster Love, Hope in a Suitcase, and Make Good Inc. joined forces to invite 200 children to celebrate their birthdays together, a precious milestone often overshadowed by their circumstances.

This year’s theme, Superpower Party, set the stage for kids to explore their own unique abilities and lean on their inner strength. They tested their skills with lava avoidance, shrinking powers, and strength training. They flew through the sky and climbed tall buildings in super photo ops. There was cake and singing at the confetti-filled celebration, and every child left with personalized birthday presents and a new backpack full of books!

Two people pretending to fly as superheroes

Mayor Gordo getting into the superhero spirit

A team of dedicated volunteers from Foster Love and Kidspace Circle of Friends helped every child experience a day they would cherish forever. A league of costumed superheroes also gave their time posing for photo ops, playing games, and sharing their super skills with the kids. BJ’s Restaurants donated and served lunch. The commitment and enthusiasm of our volunteers left an enduring impact on all who attended.

We were honored to have Pasadena Mayor Victor Gordo join the celebration. His presence, alongside the children, spoke to the transformative power of play and the importance of fostering connection within our community. He affirmed our shared commitment to nurturing the lives of foster youth and bringing about positive change.

Throughout the party, the children embarked on imaginative adventures throughout the museum. They sailed on silly boat expeditions at the blue sand lily pad pond, twirled on oversized Mexican toy tops, and gathered produce at the whimsical Muddy Boot Farm. The museum, with its thoughtful design and empowering philosophy, allowed these young superheroes and heroines to make their own choices, follow their hearts, and embrace the power within them.

The impact of the event was magnified by the presence of talented volunteer photographers who ensured that each child left with a cherished keepsake—a tangible reminder of the love, laughter, and togetherness they experienced on that special day.

The success of this event would not have been possible without the generous support of our dedicated volunteers, donors, and supporters. It is through the kindness and generosity of our community and the Pritzker Foster Care Initiative that we can continue to create impactful experiences like the Birthday Palooza at Kidspace. Together, we are making play accessible to ALL children and recognizing the positive impact it has on their lives.

Birthday Palooza Volunteers in front of building

Staff and Volunteers at Birthday Palooza

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