Nature Rub Cards

Sometimes we need a break from being inside the house. Why not go outside and make a card for a special family member or friend?


Create your very own nature rub and make a great card for someone. Items that you would need are a blank sheet of paper, any color crayon, a flower and/or a leaf off the ground.



Spring has sprung! And it’s time for all the flowers to bloom. While on a walk or when playing outside in the yard a lot of times you find great looking flowers and leaves. Why not reuse those fallen leaves and make a card for someone? (Remember, you do not want to pick any leaves or flowers that are still growing). Start off by positioning you leaf, flower, or both on a table or flat surface in a fun creative design you like.



Now you are going to get your piece of paper and put it on top of your design gently like so.



Next, using the long side of a crayon, gently rub the crayon across the paper all over. An image of the leaves and flowers will start to become visible on your paper!



After you are done and happy with the rub, you can start writing something nice for someone. You can get more creative with your rubs by adding different things from nature and using different colors. The easiest things to make rubs of are things that will lay flat under your paper.



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