Nature Photographer



Want to turn a good nature walk into an awesome nature walk? Let’s transform into a nature photographer and see the world through a lens. Items that we will need are good walking shoes and a camera from a cell phone, tablet, or a digital camera.


Daily walks help us stay active and get our vitamin D from the sun. We can turn any typical walk into a great challenge walk with something we usually carry with us. Instead of having our phones in our pockets, why not have our children use it on the walks to either record or photograph nature!


Here are some examples that I have taken on my walks with my dogs.


You can make this into a challenge as well! See if your child/children can photograph a certain animal, certain colored flowers, or even take pictures of clouds to see what they might look like. The ideas and imagination are endless.


After your walk you can discuss the pictures you have taken together and see if you can spot things you couldn’t see before! Use the hashtag #kidspaceathome to share the pictures on social media and tag us so we can see what things you have found while out and about as a nature photographer. Remember stay safe and healthy! We will see you soon!



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