Make Your Mark: Straw Nib Pen

In this episode of ‘Make Your Mark’ learn how to use a common object, a straw, to create your very own pen, and use it to draw.

Supply List

  • Plastic Straw
  • Scissors
  • Watercolors (watered down poster paint and homemade “inks” work too)
  • Paper


• Squish end of Plastic Straw.

• Using the Scissors, cut diagonally across the squished end of the Plastic Straw.

• Using the bend in the Plastic Straw you made by squishing the straw, snip into the straw with the Scissors.

• Dip your pen in you “ink” and practice drawing.

• If nib of the pen wears out, Plastic Straw and be reused but cutting a new nib!

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