Bug Hunt



Today we are going draw bugs we find on a bug hunt. We will search throughout our homes, gardens, backyards or on our daily walks. This is an excellent opportunity to exercise and entertain your little ones at the same time! During the hunt, play games such as, I SPY! “I spy with my little eye a bug that is flying way up high”. Children can play along by pointing out the butterfly you saw fluttering by. In addition, support children’s observations by asking prompting questions. Such as: How was the bug moving? Was it crawling or flying? Did the bug have wings? What color was the bug you saw?


For this activity you just need a few items that you can order online or may already have around the house.




o Magnifying glasses to get a closer look (optional)

o Pictures of bugs (you can print them out or use your cell phone or tablet to display pictures).

o Clipboards

o Blank paper (I like to use white drawing paper)

o Crayons or colored pencils (regular pencils are fine too)




• Give each child a blank sheet of paper attached to a clipboard.

• Look for bugs on the ground, grass, bushes or trees. Help them find bugs by playing the I Spy! Game.

• Have the child make observations of the bug(s) they find and have them draw their favorite ones.

• Have Fun!!



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