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We love books at Kidspace and want to hear about your favorite books! Be part of the online Kidspace Book Club Community and share a Book Share with us about one of your favorite books or a book you’ve recently read that you like to tell everyone about.

What is a Book Share? It could be anything! Check out below for some ideas. Do you have to do one of Book Share ideas listed? Nope. Surprise us! Let your creatively shine and share your book in the way the inspires you most!

Book Share Ideas

• Create a sculpture of one of the characters.

• Interview a character from your book.

• Write a diary entry from the point of view of one of the characters from the book.

• Build a miniature or diorama from one of the scenes from the book.

• Draw new pictures for the book.

• Make a puppet of one of the characters.

• Make and perform a puppet show based on the book.

• Act out or pantomime the book.

• Dress as one of the characters and act out a characterization.

• Make a movie poster for the book.

• Prepare a travel brochure for where the book takes place.

• Read two books on the same subject and discuss how they are the same or different.

• Design and create a costume inspired by the book for your favorite stuffed animal.

• Write and perform an original song about the book.

• Write and recite a poem about the book or a character from the story.

• Be a TV reporter, and give a report of a scene from the book as if it is happening live.

• Design and draw a new cover for the book.

• Create a newspaper for your book. Summarize the plot, cover the weather, do a feature story on one of the characters.

• Make a hanging mobile about the story.

• Write a different ending for the story.

• Write a letter to a character in the book.

• Write a letter to the author of the book.

• Make a time line or flow chart of the events in the book.

• Make a map of where the book takes place.

• Make a list of the characters and their personality traits.

• Make a poster advertising the book.

• Choose a quote from a character. Why would it or wouldn’t it be a good motto?

• Add another chapter/ page to the story. What do you think happens next?

• Choose an artifact from the book and share how you “discovered” it.

• Plan a party for one of the characters.

• Choose birthday gifts for the characters. Share why you choose them.

• Pretend you are going to join the characters in the story. What would you want to pack to take with you?

• Retell the story from the point of view of another character.

• Make and play a game based on the book.

• Write a multiple choice quiz about the story with 5 to 10 questions.

• Pretend you are casting a movie based on the book. Who would you cast and why?

• Add a new character to a scene in the story.

• Make a job resume or fill out a job application for one of the characters from the story.

• Do you have a favorite picture from the book? Show the picture and share why you like it.

• Write a joke based on the book.

• What would you have done if you had been in the story?

• Write a letter from one character to another.

• Make a cover for the book, giving it a new title. Why did you choose this new title?

• Make a crossword about the book with at least 25 words.

• What would the characters in the book be like as superheroes? Draw them in their super hero costumes.

Share your Book Share with us on social media! Include pictures, video or a blog to inspire others to check out your book.

Check out my Book Share on the book Measuring Penny by Loreen Leedy. I can’t wait to see to see everyone’s Book Shares!

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