Space Jars



Need a fun family project for May the Fourth? Making space jars is a great way to have an out of this world time! Use your artistic side to express yourself with different colors and add-ins. Create a conversation about space while you make your jars.




  • Plastic Bottle
  • Hand Soap
  • Liquid Watercolor (or food coloring)
  • Glitter Liquid Watercolor  (or glitter)
  • Confetti – Moons and stars are perfect! Make sure the confetti is not paper based. (use your imagination to add google eyes, pom poms, etc!)
  • Water


Fill the bottle with 1/4 full with liquid soap. Add a few drops of liquid watercolor and glitter liquid watercolor. Add confetti to the bottle. Pour water from a glass or pitcher into the bottle. Fill to the top. If you run the water too hard, the soap will start to bubble.  Tightly recap the bottle and wipe off any excess liquid. Turn the bottle upside-down back and forth to mix the liquids. Now you have your Space  Jar!



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