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Frequently Asked Questions

ALERT: Kidspace Children's Museum is Temporarily Closed. 2020 Summer Programs are Cancelled.


General Questions

What year was Kidspace Children's Museum founded?

Kidspace was founded in 1979 by members of the Caltech community and the Pasadena Junior League. For more information see Kidspace Mission & History.


May we eat at the museum?

Yes! Kidspace Children's Museum offers dining and snack options that will make your visit even more enjoyable. Bean Sprouts Café is located to the right of the Kaleidoscope entrance. You are also welcome to bring in your own food, however, please no glass containers. Food may be eaten in our Central Courtyard or in the park in front of Kidspace, but may not be taken into the store or exhibit spaces.


What age children is Kidspace for?

The programs and exhibits at Kidspace are designed for children ages 10 and under.


How much time do families spend at the museum?

Families spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours at Kidspace depending on the energy level of the children and the adults. There are plenty of activities and programs to keep families engaged all day long. For more information please review What to Expect.


May I drop off my kids at the museum?

No. Kidspace requires that children be accompanied by an adult at all times while at the museum. Programming and exhibits encourages adult-child interaction and a dual learning experience.


May adults come to the museum without kids?

For the safety of all guests, unaccompanied adults must sign-in at the store on a designated form and present a photo ID. Unaccompanied adults must wear a button identifying them as a visitor for the duration of their visit. This policy is in line with others set forth by children's museums across the nation for the safety of children.


May I bring my dog to the museum?

Dogs and other pets are not permitted inside Kidspace, with the exception of service dogs specially trained to assist disabled persons.


May I smoke at the museum?

No, there is no smoking, or tobacco products of any kind, permitted in the museum or in Brookside Park per City of Pasadena regulations.


May I bike to Kidspace?

If you and your family ride bikes to Kidspace, there are bike racks within Brookside Park adjacent to the museum. There are no racks or bike storage within the Kidspace facility. Please note that park bike racks require your own bike locks.


Where may I nurse my child?

As an institution that values children and mothers, you are welcome to nurse wherever you feel comfortable. For more privacy, there is a chair with curtain in ECLC, and also a Mamava station in Climbing Towers


May I take photos at the museum?

Yes, you are welcome to take as many photos of your family’s experience at the museum as you would like. If you post on social media, remember to tag @KidspaceMuseum. If you are interested in taking photos for a publication, please contact our Marketing Manager at (626) 449-9144,ext. 5210.


Can I volunteer at Kidspace?

Yes, we love working with our volunteers! For more information about our volunteer program please see Volunteers.


Can I rent the museum facility for an event or film shoot?

Yes! The museum facility is available to be rented for all types of events. Whether you’d like to book a full birthday party program or just rent space for a gathering we can assist you. For more information see Birthdays & Rentals.


Who can I speak with about donating items or animals to the museum?

Any requests to donate animals to the museum must be approved by our Programs Department,



Hours and Admission (Temporarily Closed as of March 16, 2020 Until Further Notice)

What are the museum's regular hours?

Weekdays: 9:30am to 5:00pm 
Weekends: 10:00am to 5:00pm
(Closed Mondays during fall & winter after Labor Day unless otherwise publicized.)


How much does it cost to visit the museum?

Admission is $14.95 for Adults and Children; Children under age 1 are free.


Does the museum have free days?

Admission to Kidspace is free during Free Family Nights and during Pasadena ArtNight. Free Family Night is the FIRST Tuesday of every month from 4:00 - 8:00pm unless otherwise publicized. Pasadena ArtNight occurs 2 times per year in March and October on a Friday from 6:00 to 10:00pm (Note: Kidspace does not always participate in ArtNight depending on date. Please check Event List.) Also look for the annual Museums Free-For-All day in January when dozens of Los Angeles institutions open their doors for FREE!


Where is Kidspace located?

Kidspace is located at 480 N. Arroyo Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91103, at the west end of Brookside Park near the Rose Bowl stadium. The museum occupies the buildings that formerly housed the Fannie E. Morrison Horticultural Center. Parking is located in Lot I of the Rose Bowl.



Free Family Nights (Event Dates/Times and Ticketing Procedures Subject to Change Upon Reopening)

When are Free Family Nights?

On the first Tuesday of every month from 4:00-8:00pm.  Admission to the museum is FREE for everyone during the designated hours only.    


How will people be admitted?

In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for all guests, Kidspace has a set number of visitors that can be allowed into the museum at any one time.  Guests will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.   


How long will the wait be to enter for Free Family Nights?

Due to the popularity of Free Family Nights, these evenings can be very crowded.  At times the wait in line will be just a few minutes but could be considerably longer depending on level of popularity for that particular evening.  On average, guests that visit the Museum between January-February & October- December typically have little to no wait.  Guests visiting from March-August could have a significant wait of 30 minutes or more.


Do I have to wait in line if I am a Kidspace Member?

Yes, everyone has to wait in line so we can control how many people are in the museum at any one time.  Since members enjoy unlimited admission to the museum, Kidspace recommends you visit on another day when it is likely to be less crowded.


Are there any other options for visiting the museum at a reduced rate?

Kidspace Family Memberships are a great option.  Memberships start at $95 and include unlimited FREE admission for up to four family members.  Visit the Kidspace Membership page and Memberhsip FAQ's for more information. See also the Hours & Admission page to view discounts for EBT card holders, KCRW/KPCC subscribers, seniors, and military.


In order to make your Free Family Night visit enjoyable, please observe the following:

  • Stay in close proximity to your child at all times.
  • Shoes are required at all times with the exception of the Early Childhood Learning Center where socks are required for adults.
  • Please be respectful of museum exhibits, staff and other guests.
  • Kidspace reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone that poses a threat to the well-being of guests and museum property. 
  • Follow Kidspace's Code of Conduct



What's included in the membership?

Memberships include unlimited visits for your family, discounts, and more. Full Membership Benefits


As a member of the museum, do I still receive a discount for online purchases?

Yes, after linking you member account online, you receive a 10% discount on program registration, 15% off early renewal of your membership, and 15% off merchandise. Full Membership Benefits


May I upgrade my membership in the middle of my membership?

Yes, if you would like an upgrade from a 3-month membership or 6-month membership to a 12-month membership, you may do so within the period of your Family Membership. Purchase, upgrade, or renew your membership at the Kidspace Ticket Booth or Busy Bee Store. Email if you have questions.


May I use my Kidspace membership to visit other children’s museums?

If you have purchased a 12-month Membership then your membership has reciprocal benefits with museums throughout the nation that are a part of the Association of Children’s Museums (ACM) Reciprocal Network and the Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) Passport Program. For a list of children’s museums participating in the ACM Reciprocal Program, which allows a 50% discount on admission, please go to: For a list of science centers participating in the ASTC Passport Program, which allows free admission at institutions at least 90 miles away from your home and Kidspace, please go to:


How many membership cards will I receive?

You will receive 2 membership cards with the Primary and Secondary Adult Names and Expiration Date printed on them. If you have a 12-month membership, the card will also have the ACM and ASTC logos if you would like to visit other museums through the ACM Reciprocal Network and the ASTC Passport Program. Membership cards must be presented with a matching photo ID at Kidspace check-in, as well as at participating reciprocal museums.


If I purchase a membership online, how soon can I visit the museum?

As soon as your order is complete you can visit the museum as your name will be in the system. Present a valid photo I.D. when you visit the museum to match the primary name on the membership. You can check-in at the Ticket Booth or Busy Bee Store for member admission.


How do I give a membership as a gift?

In order to buy a membership for someone else online, please indicate who the member will be when prompted during the purchase. You may also purchase gift memberships at either the Ticket Booth or Busy Bee Store. If you do not have the full contact information for your recipient or want to delay the start date of the membership, please consider a Kidspace Gift Card.



Museum Store

What are the hours of Busy Bee Store?

Busy Bee Store is open during regular museum hours, and offers curated, themed packs and book bundles at Busy Bee Online.


May I visit the museum just to shop in the store?

Yes, if you would just like to visit the store to browse our in-stock merchandise, you may do so without having to pay admission.


How do I contact Busy Bee Store?

Busy Bee Store can be called directly at (626) 449-9144,ext. 5223, or email the Store Buyer


What is your return policy?

Present a valid Kidspace sale receipt for merchandise within 60 days of purchase and a full refund (per original tender - cash or credit card) will be issued if item is in resaleable condition. If a gift receipt or no receipt is presented, or if it is more than 60 days from purchase, a store credit will be issued if the merchandise is verified as current and still in original packaging with a Kidspace price sticker. Returned items without a receipt are credited at the lowest sale price. There are no returns on clearance merchandise. Kidspace has the right to refuse return if the merchandise is not in resalable condition or as it was purchased. Returns can only be issued with a matching photo ID.


Gift Redemption Policy

There is no cash back from redeemed Gift Cards or Certificates, unless under $10 in change. Kidspace Gift Cards can be used for admission, merchandise, membership, and paid-programming both onsite and online, but cannot be redeemed at Bean Sprouts Cafe. Paper Gift Certificates are no longer issued and are only active and redeemable with the valid receipt number printed on the certificate from the original purchase.


Personal Checks & Credit Cards Policy

Personal checks will not be accepted for the sale of merchandise, admission, or membership. All credit card transactions must have a matching photo ID present.


Please Note

Returns and redemptions can only be issued with a valid photo ID and original sale receipt or voucher. Kidspace Children's Museum reserves the right to refuse service and/or access, onsite and online, to any individuals disregarding Kidspace policies or disrespectful of Kidspace guests, staff, exhibits or property.


School/ Group Visits (Groups Reservations are Not Being Scheduled for 2020)

How do I make a group reservation?

Reservation requests for groups of 15 children or more can be made on our Request Form. Field trips cannot be booked over the telephone or via email. The online form must be completed in order to book a field trip.


What are the group admission fees?

The prepaid group rate per child is $11 You can add a Discovery Program for an additional fee of $3 per child. 


What about adult chaperones?

Every group must have 1 adult for every 5 children.  There is no fee for these required chaperones.  Additional adults can visit by prepaying $11 each or paying $14 each at the door. 


What is included in the group admission?

The details of what’s included in a group admission depend on which group package you book.


What are the behavior guidelines of the museum?

Kidspace requires at least one adult for every five children. While at the museum, children are expected to stay with their group. Chaperones are expected to keep their children from disrupting other museum guests.



Kidspace Volunteer Program 

What does it mean to be a Kidspace volunteer?

There are tons of volunteer opportunities out there.  At Kidspace we are specifically looking for individuals who are 1) dedicated to the spirit of service, and 2) sincerely interested in the mission of Kidspace Children's Museum, which is to nurture the potential of all children through kid-driven experiences, inspiring them to become joyful, active learners. We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and walks of life who are committed to spreading the joy of learning through hands-on experiences.  Volunteers who are simply and only interested in acquiring service hours in order to fulfill a requirement but do not additionally feel a connection to our mission are encouraged to explore opportunities with other organizations.  


How old do I have to be to volunteer?

All volunteers must be at least 16 years of age.


What will I be doing as a volunteer at Kidspace?

Volunteers at Kidspace have a unique opportunity to contribute in a variety of ways to the educational and operational mission of the museum.  At this time, our greatest need for volunteer assistance is at our special events, which happen approximately 1-3 times per month, usually on the weekends.  During special events, volunteers interact directly with guests helping them with art projects, facilitating fun activities and assisting staff with various educational programs in celebration of the event's theme (please see our Calendar of Events for more detailed descriptions of our monthly events).  Regular volunteer positions are available on an as-needed basis based on the specific project needs of the museum at various times throughout the year.  These positions are limited and require an interview.  While regular positions are limited, if you feel you have a particular skill that you could bring to the museum in a regular volunteer capacity, we'd love to hear your ideas! No matter how you end up spending your time here, your contribution is a valuable one!


How do I start volunteering?

To begin, you need to fill out an online application which adds you to our volunteer database. If you are unable to fill out the online application, please contact us at (626) 449-9144 x5238 for alternate arrangements.  The online application can be found here.


How do I set up a time to volunteer?

Once you are officially a part of our volunteer database, you will receive regular monthly emails about upcoming volunteer opportunities. You have the option of picking and choosing the events you wish to assist with as they arise.  Mini-orientations are held at the beginning of each shift, so be sure to arrive on time!


What is the time commitment?

At this time, volunteers may only commit to a four-hour shift per day.  If there is a multi-day event, you may participate multiple days.


Are there certain occasions when a group of volunteers is needed?

Yes!  We love our dedicated service groups!  We frequently need service groups of anywhere from 8-40 volunteers at our special events.  If you are a service group leader applying on behalf of your team, please list "Service Group" as your last name on the application and the name of your group as your first name. You may list your personal name as the nickname.  Please list the best email address to send volunteer opportunity updates.  


What if I cannot come in on a day that I am scheduled?

If you are an individual volunteer and are unable to keep your shift, please contact us  If you are a service group assisting with a special event, it is critical that we know as far in advance as possible if members of your group are unable to keep their commitment.  We rely heavily on this communication, and cannot find replacements for service groups on short notice.  


Can I bring a friend to volunteer?

Friends are welcome to volunteer as long as they complete the application and rsvp for a shift. Volunteers will be placed in different areas of the museum to best suit our guest’s needs, so please note that you may not be stationed alongside your friend.   


Is there a dress code?

Yes! We ask our volunteers to come dressed in business casual attire.  Jeans are acceptable as long as they are neat and clean.  Sweatpants, short shorts, ripped or stained clothing or any otherwise not-family-appropriate attire are prohibited.  Closed-toe shoes are required.  We are a family organization and expect all our staff and volunteers to maintain an image that is consistent with our organization's mission.  If Volunteers arrive out of dress code they may be sent home and no hours will be accumulated for that day.


What about cell phones?

Due to the interactive nature of the museum, we do not allow cell phones or musical devices on the floor.


How do I get to Kidspace?

Kidspace is located at 480 N. Arroyo Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91103, at the west end of Brookside Park near the Rose Bowl stadium. Free parking is available in Lot I, to the west end in Brookside Park near Rose Bowl. For more information please see Directions.


How do I receive a verification of my hours volunteered?

Most students needing hours verification have their own school form to present, which we sign off once hours have been completed.  If you do not have a form of your own, we can draft one for you.  


Can my volunteer service ever be terminated?

Yes, we are very serious about holding all of our volunteers accountable to our Service of Excellence Code. Should you be found in violation of this code (not showing up or arriving late without calling, arriving out of dress code, poor attitude on the floor, etc.), your relationship with Kidspace may be terminated either with or without warning, depending on the situation.  


Who is the contact person for the volunteer program?

The Programs Department oversees all correspondence and scheduling of Kidspace Volunteers.  They can be reached by email at