Bring Your Imagination!

Our goal throughout all of Kidspace, but especially in Imagination Workshop, is to encourage new ways of problem solving. We also use this space to encourage a safe environment to fail. The Workshop is a great place for caregivers to see their child’s thought process in action! As the name suggests, we are thrilled by the imagination that walks through our doors.


If you have recently visited Imagination Workshop, you may have noticed that we have updated the guest experience. Instead of providing a specific step-by-step daily activity to follow, we are providing an assortment of resources and encouraging our guests to use them in a creative way to solve a specific challenge. These open-ended challenges will encourage deep dives into engineering ideas and practices. For guests who explore this area regularly, these themed monthly challenges will be able to serve as great jumping off point to further their imagination and creativity! If ever anyone gets stuck on a particular challenge or activity, Kidspace team members are ready to guide everyone so they can fulfill our challenges in a different way each time.


Visit us in the Imagination Workshop this month where the challage is “Float On.” Bring your Imagination!






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