Seed Cakes

Seed Cake Recipe

Recipe Card: Seed Cakes

Have fun with this recipe for making seed “cakes” that will help grow native flowers and plants for our pollinator friends to enjoy! It’s important to cultivate native plants to reestablish an ecosystem. Native plants are easy to care for and grow. Our local bees and butterflies love the nectar from these native plants for their food source.

  • 1 compostable bowl
  • 2 balls of air dry terracotta clay
  • 1 popsicle stick
  • 1 teaspoon of seed starter soil
  • 1 teaspoon of wildflower seed
  1. Press one ball of air dry clay into the compostable bowl.
  2. Add the seed starter soil and seed mix “filling/frosting” to the “cake” with the popsicle stick.
  3. Press the second ball of air-dry clay into the compostable bowl, sealing the seed starter soil and seed mix into the cake.
Bake Your Cake

Some wildflowers need the cold of winter and the warmth of spring to let them know it’s time to grow. If desired, “bake your cake” in the refrigerator for one week up to a month before planting.
Seeds can be sprouted in the compostable bowl or the cake can be removed and used on its own.

Window Box

Place your cake in a water safe flower pot with some soil, water thoroughly, and then place in partial sun. Keep moist until sprouted then water regularly.


Place in the ground and cover with a light layer of dirt, and water thoroughly. Keep moist until sprouted then water regularly.

Use the popsicle stick as a garden marker by writing the type of cake on it and posting it near the cake planting spot.

The Fun Has Just Begun

Create a nature journal and make observations on the growth of the plants, the animals and insects attracted to them, and how they interact.

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