It’s a little wild around here!

Temporarily closed for refurbishment. In mid-May, get ready to cool off, relax, and meet new animal friends in the burbling waters of Arroyo Pequeño, Kidspace’s wildest place to be in 2024. In Arroyo Pequeño, getting wet is only part of the fun.

a statue of a friendly skunk in her den

Where the water runs free

Arroyo Pequeño’s gentle, rocky streams are flowing and are ready for you to splash and reshape. Kids can enjoy outdoor water play by directing the water with sticks and rocks, hopping some frogs along the mud, and watching the sandy silt slide downstream. Get up close to wild creatures who live with us on the edge of the San Gabriel Mountains. You’ll spot acorn woodpeckers, Arroyo toads, newts, and fish, along with a bobcat and even a skunk cozy in her den. So slow down and enjoy the waters of Arroyo Pequeño.


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Rare and wonderful

Southern California chaparral is a unique and fragile ecosystem and home to a diverse array of native wildlife. However, this ecosystem is under threat from a variety of human activities, including urbanization, pollution, and habitat destruction. Arroyo Pequeño gives children hands-on opportunities to playfully engage and empathize with the creatures of the Arroyo and reminds us all of the need to protect this unique ecosystem.

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