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Kidspace On The Road Rates

OFFSITE PROGRAMMING - Kidspace can come to you!



First Program ( 30 minutes )


Each additional program Same location, limit four programs per day


Mileage - A travel surcharge applies to all locations 20 or more miles away from Kidspace Children's Museum


20-30 miles
31-40 miles
40 miles or more



  • Request must be made at least four weeks in advance and full payment must be made at least 14 days prior to the visit.
  • Each program is designed for a maximum of 30 students, with the exception of the assembly which can accommodate as many as you can fit in your space!



Imagination Playground™

PreK to 5th Grade

We bring the giant blocks, you bring the curious minds! In this open-ended, hands on play experience, students will practice motor and social skills, while establishing a foundation for physics and engineering concepts.


Storyteller's Adventure

PreK to 5th Grade

Discover the legends that live within our imagination! Inspired by our Storyteller Studio, students will perform with masks and explore characters, then take them on an adventure through art and movement.


Awe!Mazing Science Assembly
PreK to 5th Grade

Prepare for some spectacular science! Students experience concepts such as force, energy, pressure, and chemical reactions through exciting live demonstrations. Please note this program requires an area protected from wind and a nearby source of electricity.


Makers on the Move 

Kinder to 5th Grade

Bring engineering and design into your classroom or school with our Mobile Imagination Workshop! This program provides a choice of three different challenges for students to work in groups to find a solution that fits within the parameters of the challenge. Each challenge will require students to design, test, re-design, show a proof of concept of their design and then discuss the outcomes achieved.


Available challenges are:

  • Make it fly challenge: Make something to transport an item from the starting space through the target. It has to move through the air without human interference after the initial thrust.
  • Make it roll challenge: Make a vehicle with some type of wheels that can move from point "A" to point "B." Consider what your power might look like: balloon, wind up paddle, wind and sail?
  • Make it float challenge: Build a boat to transport an item down the "river" and land safely in the "lake" at the bottom. Make sure your boat doesn't capsize or your cargo doesn't fall overboard. This challenge requires access to water through a sink or hose.

Booking a Visit to your School

  • Request must be made at least four weeks in advance and full payment must be made at least 14 days prior to the visit.
  • Book your visit here.
  • For additional information please e-mail